This Week in the Inbox

I’m a fairly politically active fellow.  I tend to follow local and state politics esepcially closely, I speak fairly regularly with elected officials from the area, and I’ve done some political consulting on a variety of campaigns (mostly in the web & media areas).  So, it doesn’t usually surprise me to see an email from a candidate appear in my inbox.

But the email I received Friday from Tony Peraica’s campaign came as a surprise.  Tony is running as a “Reform Republican” for Cook County Board President.  I didn’t necessarily mind getting the email … I’m sure Tony’s a deceny guy and a respectable candidate. 

I was sure — absolutely confident actually — that I had never opted-in to Tony’s email list.

A glance at Tony’s campaign website (man those stars in the background look an awful lot like the ones a certain gubernatorial candidate used) and a closer look at the header of the email caused me to question the email’s appearance in my inbox a little more.  His website, the email header, and his D2 put it all together for me.

Tony’s media consultants are the same ones who worked on the campaign for one of the other Republican gubernatorial candidates during the primary … I had signed up for their email list as I was working on the campaign of one of their opponents.  So it appears that maybe these media consultants had harvested email addresses from one of their candidate’s lists and added them to another’s. 

I’m pretty sure that’s illegal.  And absolutely sure that’s unethical. 

And it’s too bad.

I try hard to maintain absolute integrity in business and in my political consulting endeavors.  It’s a value of utmost importance but all too Proften missing in campaign politics and political consulting. 

Dan that’s too bad.

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3 Responses to This Week in the Inbox

  1. J.B. Harris says:

    Sorry b-matt, but Tony Peraica isn’t a decent guy or respectable candidate. From what I’ve seen of him so far, it doesn’t surprise me that he and the people associated with his campaign would pull some shady stuff like use someone else’s mailing list. Class and ethics are way down on their list of priorities.

  2. b-matt says:

    well, i hate to speak from an uninformed, or underinformed, perspective, so i was trying to give him the benefit of the doubt 🙂 but i have questions about anyone using some of the consultants he’s using.

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